My Favorite Basslines!

1. Red Barchetta - Rush (Geddy Lee)

An amazing bassline that builds up intensity until the awesome bass solo at the end.

2. Eminence Front - The Who (John Entwistle)

The first two minutes may be bland, but once the chorus hits Thunderfingers goes all

3. Roundabout - Yes (Chris Squire)

The main bass riff in this song is perhaps one of the best and most recognizable of all time.

4. Shubada Du Ma Ma - Steve Miller Band (Gerald Johnson)

One of the best bass solos ever in my opinion. Oh, and the rest of the bassline is pretty damn good too.

5. Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Flea)

Flea is an excellent bassist, and I think this bassline represents some of his best work.

6. YYZ - Rush (Geddy Lee)

Yes, I have two Rush songs in my top six because Geddy Lee is such an amazing bassist.

7. Tommy the Cat - Primus (Les Claypool)

Listening to this song and Les' bassline just makes me happy.

8. Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire (Verdine White)

A simple bassline, but it just sounds right with the rest of the song.

9. The Fish - Yes (Chris Squire)

Another masterpiece of a bassline by Chris Squire.

10. Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure - Liquid Tension Experiment (Tony Levin)

The bassist who has worked with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel is back to play more tasty basslines with Liquid Tension Experiment.

11. Thank You - Sly & The Family Stone (Larry Graham)

Here is a nice example of some early slapping.

12. My Generation - The Who (John Entwistle)

Just a classic; Entwistle was a god on the bass.

13. Panic Attack - Dream Theater (John Myung)

One of the best bass intros ever. John Myung is revolutionizing the instrument.

14. Hitch a Ride - Boston (Fran Sheehan)

An awesome song by Boston. It is more well-known for its two minute long guitar solo at the end, but the bassline is this song is second to none.

15. Can I Play With Madness - Iron Maiden (Fran Sheehan)

Steve Harris' best bassline in my opinion.

All of these bassline are awesome! I know there are more, and I have an endless list of ones I left out. I may do another list of my favorite basslines sometime soon. Please leave me your comments and opinions and give me some of your favorites!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Layla's! I am glad to have found your blog, you're off to an EXCELLENT start. My boyfriend and I read it together and notice your taste is music is very similar to ours. Keep Rockin :)