Happy Birthday to Steve Lukather!

Today, October 21, 2009, is Steve Lukather's 52nd birthday! Steve is mostly known for being the lead guitarist of Toto, the 80s hitmaking band. He is also one of the best session men, frequently playing for other artists on their albums. Here is some of his guitar work:

Hold the Line by Toto

Physical by Olivia Newton-John

A couple awesome solos there by Steve...anyway, happy 52nd!


  1. Steve Lukather is musical awesomeness! I wish I'd had the chance to see Toto live more than once before they broke up. They put on a great concert. Lukather's solo albums are fantastic as well. Thanks for honoring such a great guitarist on his birthday!

  2. Yeah he was awesome. Played on so many different albums and had so many awesome solos and songs. Thanks visiting!